Sunday, September 28, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday & Mosaic Monday

I'm happy to be participating/linking up (click on the button above to see more great entries) in two photo challenges this week! Mosaic Monday and Scavenger Hunt Sunday. It's been a good while since I've done one, so here I go...

1. Key

This one was quite easy to do, as these keys hang in my dining room. :)


2. Triangle

Okay, so this might be a slight stretch. Triangle for the shape of this little lizard's head. 

2014Sep18_3228 edit FSWM

3.Favorite word

For a long time my favorite word has been, DREAM. I love what it means and the way it sounds. This hangs in my study surrounded by a grouping of some of my most precious family photos.


4. Celebration

I choose this photo because in it I'm celebrating my dog's life. She was my best friend for almost 14 years and thought me so many things during her time with me. We sadly lost her back in July. And this photo was taken with a few others because I had very few photos of the two of us together. RIP Sweet Dixie Dog <3

2014Jul06_3262 edit


These beautiful hand crafted antique Japanese dolls were given to me by my mother who received them as a gift from her aunt many years ago. I truly treasure them and feel they were my best shot from this week. 


Thank you for joining me this week!